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About us

Ride 365

​Phone: (02) 6251 1124


​Address: ​Unit 1/102 Emu Bank, Belconnen, ACT 2617

Ride 365 is about supporting people who ride bikes. Whether you ride (or hope to ride) 1 or 365 days a year, we are here to help. We all remember our first bike, what it felt like to get out on the trails for the first time, and the first time we dropped off the back of the pack in a road crit (some of us still slip off the back more often then not…). If you want to give riding a bike a go, we'd love to help.

Our team is more than a bunch of people who like bikes, we are committed to helping people get the most out of their cycling experience. Regardless of whether you want to ride around the lake on weekends, or if you compete on an international stage - our team is here for you.

We carefully select the brands we sell after trying them out, so we genuinely recommend them and can really stand behind the products we sell. We also get to know the local distributors of these products, so we know we have really strong support to offer you.

We don't just talk about our commitment to cyclists, we are active in the cycling community, and support cyclists at all levels. Currently Ride 365 is involved in:

  • ACT Active Travel to School program - together with Avanti Bikes, we have partnered with the Physical Activity Foundation, Pedal Power, the ACT Government and others in providing bike fleets to schools to enable the teaching of safe cycling.
  • Ride 2 Work Day - since year one we have supported local workplaces in their Ride 2 Work Day events with free bike checks, advice and prizes.
  • Local cycling clubs - we work with local clubs to support a range of events and programs with the goal of encouraging people to get out and give cycling a go.
  • Ride 365 Road Cycling Team - we have put a great team together who race with us, do a fantastic job promoting Ride 365 and provide feedback and ideas to help us grow and better support cyclists.

Ride 365 is fully, locally and proudly owned and operated in Belconnen, ACT.